How to get youtube API credentials?

To use any kind of youtube API code first you need to get youtube API credentials. We are writing this article to help our users to know how to get the youtube API credentials with step by step process.

Once you get the credentials you will be able to use youtube API methods to pull youtube videos, related videos and many more features from youtube.

Go through the below steps to get API credentials.
Step1: Login to using your Google credentials.

Step2: Once logged into the google account you will see the below page.
Youtube api manager

Step3: Navigate to credentials -> Create credentials -> API Key

youtube api key credentials

Step4: Your youtube API KEY/Credentials is created.

youtube api key created

Note: If you want to restrict the API keys only to your website then click on the button “RESTRICT KEY” and specify the website name which you want to give access to this API key.

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